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Winning Life

through the Psychology of Interior Color! 


"Knowing your Personal Interior Colors™ means,

holding the Key to your Emotional & Mental Safe Sanctuary"

- Carola vom Hagen










Helping you transform your life

  • when feeling emotional and mentally stuck, overwhelmed, restless
  • healing from trauma, anxiety or sadness
  • when circumstances dictate your life - emotionally 
  • in a need for improved moods, communication and behavior
  • changing procrastination to action taking

through Color Psychology in your immediate architectural environment.

Combining Interior Architecture and

Inner Child Work Psychotherapy through the Psychology of Interior Colors


The last 2 years left some of us in a place and situation of uncertainty, reorientation and losses

Homes started to feel like houses, or even worse, like prisons.

Offices feel lifeless and empty and offer no mental support or drive for a healthy productivity.

Medical or Doctors offices have become places reflecting hardly comforting personality, but a cool quick get-well station

Depression and Suicide has tripled within a year. Especially among the young.


It Doesn't have to be!  Let's Change it!

You deserve an environment fitting to your personal emotional and mental needs!

Show me the life changing Colors!

Emotional & Mental Health or Recovery

Happier Home & Office Life

Higher & Healthier Productivity

"Color is a Supplement in Light-form"

by CvH

The Psychology of Interior Color

is the essential key to finding & creating a personal, custom sanctuary, within your living and work space - so you can lead a fulfilled life!


We are mostly unaware of the influence color has on our minds, our emotions, or our physical health in our daily lives.

Color is used to influence our shopping behavior. Color has become a tool for recognition. Color is used for medical purposes.  Because, Color leaves an imprint in us in many mysterious ways.

Being the solemn owner in charge of ones own life by knowing Color and its attributes is the Key worth owning!

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"Psychology of Interior Color" Intro File

Show me!

Psychology of Interior Color helps:

  • Turning House into Home
  • Office into a Space of positive, creative and focused Productivity 
  • Emotional and Mental Health for homes with Special Needs.
  • Emotional and Mental Support for Nursing and Medical Staff and Patients
  • Positive Creative environment for Teaching Staff and Students
  • supporting physical or emotional Trauma Recovery and Healing 

They said

Transformation happens because of your curiosity and commitment to yourself!

Hilde B. 


Realizing that color was connected to a person in my past, helped me heal the pain I carried with me. I was able to find peace!


Mayda M.


Once I understood the power Color has, I became much more confident in my own color choices in my house. I wanted to bring the best out of my children, improve communication, and really reconnect with my husband much better. And it worked!

Chelsea B.


Wow! I was in tears. I didn't like that color because it kept reminding me of the long sickness in my family I had to just sit by and watch as a little girl. But that color is the color that allowed me to forgive and love on the little girl inside of me. My Inner Child.

Color Curriculum Cure™


On-Demand Entry Course on Psychology of Interior Color

Color Curriculum Cure™



- Color as a Supplement explained - Medium, History, Medical Use


- Find your Personal Color in the Discovery Quiz


- Diving into Attributes of each Color. Knowing where to use which color best, for what purpose and for whom.



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Introduction to Psychology of Interior Color

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The Power of Color - How it heals and strengthens the Soul.

Get the Recording to Stacey Friedman, HMR Practitioner and my Mini Session on: How the Power of Color can heal and strengthen the Soul! 

included are a 10min HMR Meditation and Extra Bonuses


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Personal Transformation

Personal Online Consultation


We look at current challenges in your life you are experiencing, the ideal goals, the outcomes you gain to reach and live.


We take a closer look at your immediate environment, be it at work or at home, and find the weak spots that are creating the hurdles.


This can be done via Zoom or in exchange of pictures.


With your desired goal in behavior, communication, emotional/mental wellbeing and even creative productivity in mind, we select colors for each desired outcome.


Your specifically needed Colors are chosen and brought to your minds attention through either intentionally well placed accessories or wall paint/paper.



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